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On this episode of LOGOSHOW we are talking about the former Helena Brewers and Colorado Springs Sky Sox now....the Rocky Mountain Vibes.

Its a Guy Fieri s'more, with fire hair, what more could you possibly want? Its creation the unveiling were weird, but you can't knock another amazing job by the folks at Brandiose. 


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This week we talk about the contraction of Minor League Baseball and the business of the Minor Leagues in general.

This will be a long and academic episode, covering anti-trust law, the Professional Baseball Agreement, Player Development Contracts and will answer the question "Why does congress have ANY say in if Baseball players use steroids?"

You will also hear the current list of teams expected to be contracted, and which logos you should look out for. 

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On this LOGOSHOW we are talking about Baseball in Binghamton and more specifically the Rumble Ponies. The Team from the "Carousel Captial of the World" has a boxing carousel horse as its logo, and a limited amount of time left in this world. 

To learn more about the team, check out this podcast -


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This time on Just Barely Sports we are talking about Super Mega Baseball 3, the baseball game with intergender teams, strange body shapes, funny ADs, the best logomaker in video games, and gameplay that can range from 1 button arcade enjoyment to nearly full out sim. 

Had it with the Astros and Mets, want to play on the Sirloins or the Jacks? Crave to hit balls out of Korean or Japanese stadiums? Hope to see a Tiki God in the outfield? Don't like baseball and just want to make logos and uniforms all day? Well stop worrying MLB The Show, and pick up Super Mega Baseball 3! 

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Welcome to LOGOSHOW on this episode we explore the outcome of what happens if the Huntsville Stars and the Mobile BayBears join in one place to become a team, but first watched Guardians of the Galaxy. We are talking about the Rocket City Trash Pandas.

Learn the story of the newest HOT logo in Minor League Baseball from a team that (thanks to the pandemic) has STILL not played a game. 

Find the team -

and the new book Pandamonium -

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This time on Just Barely Sports we are talking about the sports craze that is rolling all over the nation, Jelle's Marble Runs and talk just a little about Marble League 2020 sponsored by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 

Additionally we talk about the idea of "Kayfabe" and how it applies to all of our first three episodes.

Here is the Jelle's Marble League site -

Here is the opening ceremonies of Marble League 2020 -

Please rate and review this little show, it helps others find it! 

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Welcome to the first episode of LOGOSHOW with the Minor League Geek. On this show we take a look at a single logo, and try to figure out why, and how it came to be.

For our first logo we are looking at the Derby City Mint Juleps, a two game logo for the Louisville Bats. Created in 2019 it is a tip of the hat to a horse race that neither the Bats nor I own the rights to say. 

You can find them at

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On this episode of Just Barely Sports.....

This show had EVERYTHING, wrestling, strong men, strong women, ninjas, a fighting zombie that lived of the souls of the vanquished.....DRAGONS! We are talking about Lucha Underground, the pro wresting show that was a mix of WWE, Fight Club, Mortal Kombat, AAA Lucha and a little bit of NCIS.

You can STILL watch the 4 seasons on TUBI TV, you will NOT be disappointed. 

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Its that time again, the smell of peanuts in the air, the unending screaming of the damned faintly wafting over the outfield wall. The children all tucked in to their beds with great care, with dreams that BLASEBALL soon would be there.

Today I discuss the phenomena that is Blaseball, which is a baseball box score and gambling simulator that thank to some out of the box idea, and TONS of fans getting in on the action, is the ultimate quarantine sport, you have never heard about.


Look for all the teams on twitter, and check out @blaseballcoms to start to unravel the lure of blaseball.


Also remember if you want to discuss "Just Barely Sports" find me on twitter @minorleaguegeek

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