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On episode #7 I talk to you about why the episodes are coming out a little delayed.  I discuss the diffculties of making a podcast and the bright future of the show.



The Home Run Derby - So MLB has been doing the Home Run Derby at the All Star Game since 1985, but the idea came from a TV Show called The Home Run Derby from 1960.  It was hosted by Mark Scott, and here is a youtube link to one of the episodes.

In this episode Hank Aaron faces Duke Snyder on the show.


Cowboy Monkey Rodeo - Its monkeys, dressed as cowboys, riding dogs, herding goats.  That is all I feel I need to say.  You can find them at




For this episode I am talking about the Jolier Slammers of the Fronter League.  You can find them at


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On Episode #6 Bruce is joined by Marty Connell from the "Rolling Dice and Taking Names" podcast, a part of the Dice Tower Network.  You can find them at


A lack of good sports based board games - We discuss the lack of sports board games that are not make for stats fans.

PLAAY games -

Blood Bowl -

Kaosball -

Dreadball -

1st and Goal -


The Ripken Little League Complex - We discuss the Ripken Little League Complex that has Little league sized replicas of major league stadiums right next to Ripken Stadium the home of the Aberdeen Ironbirds.  You can find it here -



Charlotte Knights - Marty joins Bruce to talk about his hometown baseball logo, the logo for the Charlotte Knights.  You can find the Knights here


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JBS #5 - The One Where We Try a Threesome w/ Brian Mellblom & Travis Van Noty

On Episode #5 of the show Bruce is joined by Brian Bellblom the PA Announcer for UCLA and CSUN Ice Hockey and Travis Van Noty the play by play guy for CSUN Ice Hockey.



The US Australian Football League - Brian was a part of the LA Aussie football team.  We discuss the rules of Aussie Football , the fact the league exists and little bit about it.  You can find the league at


The Lakewood Blue Claws will play a game as the Lakewood Pine Barons - This is another "what could have been" team logo, and a very cool one at that.  Here is a look at it



CSUN Matadors new logo - Since we have the guys from CSUN, we talk about the new CSUN Matadors logo.  Here is the website for the team


Thanks for listening!

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On Episode #4 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast Bruce talks to Marshall Kent "the Future of the PBA" about bowling as a career (and the wild west riverboat gambler lifestyle) as well how to get more attention for the PBA in general.

You can find Marshall's fanpage at

and you can find him on twitter at @marshallkent299

Here is info on "the Petersen" -

Here is an SI article about "the Petersen" -

IMDB link to "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen" -



There are bowling balls that smell like chocolate - The Storm Bowling company makes scented balls.  You can find them at

The Fresno Grizzlies are having Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TNMT) night and you can vote for which turtle they will take the field dressed as. - You can find the voting on their facebook page at



Since we have a bowler on the show, we are talking about the Bowling Green Hotrods.  You can find them at


Thanks for listening!

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On episode #3 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast Bruce talks to Jim Williams current/former PA Announcer for several teams in the NJ/PA area, as well as the host of the Touch Em' All podcast on  We talk about our attempt to become the voice of the Philadelpha 76ers.

You can find him at



The greatest outfits in sport broadcasting 101 with a focus in Don Cherry - You have seen nothing until you behold the suits of sports yesteryear, and for a select few the past is today.

An article about Don Cherry -


Topps is making a team set for the Indians of Major League the Movie -  Simple as it sounds, the fine folks at Topps trading cards are making a team set for the Major League team in this years Archives baseball.

You can find those here -



This time we talk about the Reading Phillies/Reading Fightin' Phils, including mention of the jerseys, and the away "Baseballtown" logos.

You can find them here -


Thanks for listening


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On episode #2 of the Just Barely Sports podcast Bruce talks to Erika Lewis formerly the maven of Fight Fans Radio and currently on the top stats worker for Fightmetric and the UFC.  Erika talks about being a geek for UFC and MMA and turning that into a job working for the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

You can find Fightmetric at

and you can find Fight Fans Radio by checking iTunes and whereever else you get your podcasts.


The Tommy Toe Hold Show - Bruce and Erika talk about the phenomenon that started as a You Tube channel (and still is) and became big enough to have a segment on the UFC show on Fox Sports.

You can find the Tommy Toe Hold Show on You Tube at

and the website at


The backwords K in baseball, has nothing to do with the KKK - If you are any kind of baseball fan you know the "K" in baseball is short for a strike (if not, you have now learned're welcome) but you might not understand why in the videoboards some of the "K"s are backwords.  We always thought it was so the the KKK was never on a scoreboard....we were wrong.




The Richmond Flying Squirrels/Norwich Navigators -  Erika and Bruce talk about the various logos for the team, and the logo for a previous incarnation of the team, the Norwich Navigators.

Find the Flying Squirrels at

Find the Clink Room at


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Welcome to episode #1 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast on this episode the Minor League Geek will talk about himself.

Bruce H. Voge III (the Minor League Geek, and host) will layout the basic idea of how the show will work, and share with you why he loves minor league, semi-pro and occasionally pro sports so much, while also not really liking athletics of athletes.


RPM Turntable Football - Now football can be for hipsters because its on a vinyl record and was issued for Record Store Day.

A Dinosaur Throws out the Opening Pitch for the Padres - Bruce also discusses opening pitches in general.


This time we open with the Montgomery Biscuits.  You can find the team at


Please let me know what you think, this is a new show, and all feedback is welcome.  

You can contact me at 

Twitter @minorleaguegeek

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